Victims First Connect

What is Victims First Connect?

Victims First Connect aims to create a localised link between those requiring support after being impacted by a crime and Victims First itself. It will allow someone to access a point in their community to find out more about the services available to victims of crime, receive crime prevention/ safety advice, report a hate crime and/or have someone process a referral for support on their behalf. 


How can you help?

Victims First Connect consists of information points across the Thames Valley in places such as community centres, shops, leisure centres, colleges, universities and libraries. The scheme is structured into two different tiers which will provide different levels of information and/or immediate support.
Tier 1 –can be as simple as a poster with contact details or include further literature about Victims First and the support provided, hate crime and how to report it, and crime prevention/ safety advice.
Tier 2 –will provide the above but will have the added benefits of someone at the Victims First Connect point who will be aware of the services available and can talk through the options. They will also be able to provide crime prevention and safety advice if necessary, instigate a referral  to Victims First and are able to process third party reports of hate crime. You can find out more about Hate Crime here.
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