Our Support

Victims First Services

Following a conversation with one of our Victims First Officers, we may refer or signpost you to a range of local or national services, which may include one of the specialist services below, depending on your needs. Our specialist services are delivered across the Thames Valley (Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Milton Keynes).

Service feedback

If you have contacted or been referred into Victims First and have feedback on the service you have recieved, please click this link to complete our short feedback form.

Victim Information Pack

We have developed a Victim Information Pack to help victims of crime who are going through the criminal justice process.

The information pack informs victims of their rights and entitlements under the Victims' Code and what will happen in the criminal justice process following the reporting of the crime to the police. It also assists in finding support services which can help victims cope with the impact of the crime. A seperate leaflet has also been produced to support victims whose case has been designated as ‘no further action’.

You can download and print both the information pack and leaflet below