Young Victims Service

Providing support across Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire

What is the Young Victims Service?

Our Young Victims Service is provided by SAFE! and is available to children and young people aged 5 – 17 years old across Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire.

The service works with young people who are dealing with the effects of any crime and, in particular, has extensive experience in supporting young people who have witnessed or been a victim of domestic abuse and sexual violence. 

Many young people have been hurt by crime, with under 18s  twice as likely to be victims of crime as adults, and the effects can often lead to negative feelings and struggling to cope wiith the impact of the crime.

  • Has something happened which you need to talk about?
  • Do you feel unsafe or worry about someone else being unsafe?
  • Do you worry about something that has happened to you?
  • Do you worry about something that has happened to someone else?
  • Is it affecting your feelings, mood and/ or behaviour?

Have you:

If you answered yes to any of the above than the Young Victim Service can help you.

What support do we offer?

Being hurt by a crime can be tough. You might be coping with difficult feelings such as being angry, frightened, upset or guilty. You might want someone to talk to who will not judge you.

The SAFE! Project Workers will:

  • Meet you where you feel most comfortable; at home, school or a community centre.
  • Listen to you, and help you think about what you might want to do next.
  • Give you space to talk about what happened and what you're going through.
  • Help you think about keeping safe.
  • Give you information about reporting a crime and what might happen if you do report.
  • Give you information about who else might be able to help you.

We offer between six and twelve one-to-one sessions with a professional worker. It is up to you how much or how little support you get from us. You are free to stop support whenever you like.

Refer yourself or someone else to the service

If you would like to get support from our Young Victims Service for yourself or someone else you can do so by calling us or completing our
online referral form.