Robbery and Theft

What are Robbery and Theft?

Robbery is the stealing of belongings often using violence or threats. This can be a frightening and distressing experience and, even without injury, is considered a violent crime. Victims can often feel angry or frightened.

Theft is when someone takes something you own without you knowing it, such as pick pocketing. 

Being robbed or having your property stolen is not your fault and you may:

  • feel shocked, confused, angry, sad, powerless or embarrassed
  • be upset, even if what was taken wasn't worth a lot of money
  • feel hopeless about whether anything can be done to get your property back
  • be afraid to go back to (or near) the place where the crime happened
  • feel suspicious of everyone around you

It is normal for victims to feel this way and emotional and practical support is available to help reduce the impact of the crime.  

If you have been a victim of robbery or theft and need further support, please contact us by visiting Get Support Now.